Shane Frost

Thanks for visiting the website. We sure are proud of the new design! It was a long journey to get to Real Estate but without question I am where I belong and it’s a good feeling. For all the effort your about to put into selling, purchasing and/or investing in Real Estate, I recommend you put in the time upfront to meet with several Realtors. Its most important, in my opinion, to make sure you are comfortable with the Realtor you select as the best results truly come from hiring a professional. Let’s sit down for a coffee and see if I am the right professional for you!

Frances Ebbrell

It has been said that I have a warm and comforting presence. Which is essential when you work alongside Shane Frost. Just kidding! I love my partner, and I enjoy driving him crazy.

Seriously though, about me:

I have taken what I learned from years of working in television and radio, and created killer online video marketing for my sellers. My years of writing newscasts have given me the succinct communication skills to negotiate powerfully on behalf of my clients.

Most importantly, I am a “people person”. I can pick up on subtleties in people’s behavior and read situations quite skillfully. It gives me an intuition for what people need to hear, or what needs to be addressed so that tough conversations are had with ease, and there are no surprises throughout the process.